Fire Marshal/Warden Training


This concise course is aimed at those who are required to undertake the role of Fire Marshal, Fire Warden or Fire Co-ordinator, based on the requirements of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Course Programme

  • Training
    • need for training
    • basic and fire marshal
  • Visibility
    • fluorescent jacket/armband
    • drill or fire?
  • Fire Procedure
    • alarm sound
    • action on discovering fire/hearing alarm
    • means of fighting fire
    • responsibility for calling fire brigade
    • use of sign in book
    • fire wallet
    • role call responsibilities
    • fire zones
    • lift isolations
    • lift rescue
  • Escape Routes
    • know all exit routes out of building
    • know all exit routes from your floor to the outside
  • Duties of Fire Marshal
    • direct persons to safety
    • consider visitors, disabled, foreign persons
    • check WC areas
    • encourage others to end telephone calls
    • take roll call for floor or area once at assembly point
    • report to fire or building co-ordinator
    • ensure fire brigade have been called
    • ensure nobody enters work area
    • inform staff when fire brigade have given all clear
    • refer media to appropriate manager
    • be a good example
    • listen to concerns of staff
    • document incidents and inform management
    • place relevant fire information on safety notice board
    • after any drill or actual incident record details in fire log book
    • keep fire wallet contents up to date
  • Observations
    • be observant of obstructions
    • be observant of misuse of fire equipment/doors/systems
  • Outside Normal Working Hours
    • Be aware of policy outside normal hours, weekends or bank holidays
    • Advise anyone who may be working at these times
  • Security Issues
    • any locked routes at any time
    • magnetic security doors
    • role of security guard if present
  • Disabled Escape
    • consider special needs
    • refuge point
    • types of disability
    • responsibility for evacuation
    • evacuation chairs
  • Practical Walkabout
    • fire points
    • exit routes
    • fire panel
    • fire zones
    • assembly point
    • obstructions
  • Fire Wallet
    • fire policy
    • floor plans
    • paper and pens for taking role call
    • fire log book
    • fire extinguisher & alarm servicing record

Time: 4 hours classroom and Practical

Location: Host organisation

Fee: For details of cost, please contact Cooper Safety Associates LLP

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