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Introducing management systems for health and safety, from policy development through to assessment, training, audit and review.

We are an approachable group of specialist health and safety consultants with several decades of experience in a wide variety of industries and service organisations.

Helping You Protect Your Business and Your People:

You don't have to deal with asbestos or operate dangerous machinery for an accident to happen to a member of your staff. It could be something as simple as a slippery floor, a poorly positioned desk, or a misused bottle of cleaning fluid.

A Few Straightforward Precautions:

Taking a few straightforward precautions to protect your employees will lead to increased productivity and lower sickness rates. You are protecting yourself too; managers and company directors are liable to fines and directors can serve a jail sentence under the criminal law.

Meet Your Legal Obligations:

Ensuring your workplace is safe for your staff and fulfils your legal obligations can be a time consuming task. Commissioning an experienced health and safety consultancy like Cooper Safety to take on this responsibility leaves you free to focus on growing your business.


Meet your legal obligations with our practical health and safety training.
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Did you know?

  • 250 people lose their lives at work each year in Britain, and there are 15,600 serious injuries
  • 2-3 million employees suffer ill-health caused or made worse by work