Risk Assessments

Whatever industry you are in, however large or small your business, we tailor our service to meet your organisational needs. Contact Us for further information or a quote. We give you a fixed cost for our initial risk assessment; with one follow-up safety audit included in the price if required.

We will carry out a specific or general risk assessment to identify any hazards.

From this we can suggest safer, more efficient working practices that ensure you are complying with the law and taking the best care of your most valuable asset, your people.

To help you implement our recommendations, we offer a selection of tools to help you to minimise the risks in your working environment. See sections on Training and Other Services. If you have used us for the initial risk assessment we will offer you a discount on any further services you use.


Did you know?

  • 250 people lose their lives at work each year in Britain, and there are 15,600 serious injuries
  • 2-3 million employees suffer ill-health caused or made worse by work