Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessor Training


This course has been designed to enable staff to undertake Risk Assessments for Computer Users (DSE), by gaining an understanding of the necessity for ergonomic assessment of workstations and the use of practical techniques. Legislative requirements ensuring compliance with the “Health & Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992”, guidance for risk assessment, control and monitoring programmes are also covered. Practical hands-on risk assessments are also introduced and put into practice.


  • To provide staff with the necessary knowledge and skills, to help in the reduction of health conditions related to the use of Display Screen Equipment
  • For clients to be able to undertake DSE Risk Assessments & to give advice as to the healthiest working practice


A rationale for effective DSE Risk Assessments

  • Outline the legal requirements relating to display screen equipment and as to its application
  • Outline the hazards and risk from DSE Work Equipment – cause & effect
  • Indicate effective control measures

Who will benefit

  • Any person who uses Display Screen Equipment.
  • Any person who has the need to undertake, assess or continue to manage the risk of a DSE User

Learning outcomes

After the course delegates should:

  • Understand the main requirements of relevant legislation as it applies to display screen equipment
  • Be able to identify the possible harms (affecting the eyes, musculoskeletal system, skin, and physiological wellbeing) caused by the use of DSE
  • Be able to carry out appropriate risk assessments, identify techniques of reducing risk and make recommendations concerning any corrective actions required to minimise harm that may be caused to DSE users & operators

Practical application

  • Hands-on application of the risk assessments techniques within the host organisation

Length of the Course: 3 hours

Cost of course: For details please contact us

Location: Course to be held at the Client’s Site or Workplace

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